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Hyruan III Special Precautions

sodium hyaluronate


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Special Precautions
Hyruan III injection should not be administered in to following patients: Patients with a prior hypersensitivity to sodium hyaluronate.
Hyruan III injection should be administered with caution to following patients: 1) Patients with a prior hypersensitivity to other drugs.
2) Patients with liver disease or prior history of it (Abnormal AST, ALT have occurred in the patients with prior history of liver disease).
3) Patient with skin disease or infection at articular site to be injected.
General Precautions: It is strongly recommended that Hyruan III injection should be given only after the removal of inflammation caused by deformative osteoarthritis of the knee when administered into severely inflamed joints, because Hyruan III injection may exacerbate local inflammation symptom.
Since local pain can occasionally occur after administration of Hyruan III injection, it should be informed patients the local relaxation is recommended after administration.
Since pain can be caused by the leakage of Hyruan III injection out of articular cavity, it should be administered accurately into articular cavity.
Precautions in Usage: 1) Precaution at the time of injection: Since Hyruan III injection is injected directly into knee or shoulder, administration should be performed under strictly sterile manipulation.
In case no improvement in symptoms is obtained, administration of Hyruan III injection is restricted to three times.
In case retention of articular fluid occurs, the fluid should be pulled out by transition, if necessary.
2) Others: Hyruan III injection should not be introduced into blood vessel.
Hyruan III injection should not be used for opthalmological purpose.
Since Hyruan III injection is very viscous, it is desirable to use 22-23 G needle for administration.
Care should be taken because Hyruan III injection can cause precipitation by 4th grade ammonium salt such as benzalkonium chloride, bacterial disinfectant, etc. and chlorhexidine.
Use in Children: As pediatric safety has not been established, Hyruan III injection should be administered to children with caution when administered unavoidably.
Use in Elderly: Since physiological function of geriatrics has generally declined, administration should be made carefully.
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