factor viii + von willebrand factor




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Concise Prescribing Info
Per 250/125 IU inj Factor VIII 250 IU, von Willebrand factor 125 IU. Per 500/250 IU inj Factor VIII 500 IU, von Willebrand factor 250 IU
Treatment & prevention of bleeding in congenital (haemophilia A) or acquired factor VIII deficiency. Von Willebrand's disease w/ factor VIII deficiency.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Individualized dosage. Infusion Prophylaxis of bleeding Usual dose: 20-40 IU factor VIII/kg body wt administered at 2-3 days intervals. Early haemarthrosis, muscle or oral bleeding 20-40 IU factor VIII/dL. Repeat every 12-24 hr for at least 1 day until bleeding is resolved. More extensive haemarthrosis, muscle bleeding or haematoma 30-60 IU factor VIII/dL. Repeat every 12-24 hr for 3-4 days until pain & acute disability are resolved. Life-threatening haemorrhages 60-100 IU factor VIII/dL. Repeat every 8-24 hr until threat is resolved. Minor surgery including tooth extraction 30-60 IU factor VIII/dL every 24 hr, at least 1 day, until healing is achieved. Major surgery 80-100 IU factor VIII/dL (pre- & post-op). Repeat every 8-24 hr until adequate wound healing then continue for at least 7 days to maintain factor VIII at 30-60% (IU/dL).
Special Precautions
Monitor if on a low Na diet (Na in max daily dose is >200 mg). Formation of neutralising Ab to factor VIII. Childn <6 yr. Pregnancy & lactation.
Adverse Reactions
Allergic reactions; coagulation disorder; factor VIII inhibition; hypersensitivity; dizziness, headache; conjunctivitis; palpitations; drop in BP; cough, shortness of breath; nausea; flush, pruritus, rash, hives, wheals; muscle pain; chills, inj site irritation, pain, fever.
MIMS Class
ATC Classification
B02BD06 - von Willebrand factor and coagulation factor VIII in combination ; Belongs to the class of blood coagulation factors. Used in the treatment of hemorrhage.
Immunate 250/190 IU powd for inj
Immunate 500/375 IU powd for inj
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