Mar Plus 5% Nasal Spray

Mar Plus 5% Nasal Spray Mechanism of Action





Full Prescribing Info
Pharmacology: Spray into the nostrils, Mar Plus 5% Nasal Spray loosens nasal secretions and moistens the dry nasal mucosa, with dexpanthenol additionally promoting the regeneration of damaged epithelial cells. Used externally, dexpanthenol can meet the increased panthotenic acid requirements of injured skin or mucous membranes, thus promoting wound healing.
Dexpanthenol/panthenol is the alcoholic analogue of pantothenic acid and, owing to its intermediary conversion, has the same biological activity, which is linked to the dextrorotatory D-configuration. Pantothenic acid and its salts are water-soluble vitamins, which, as coenzyme A, are involved numerous metabolic processes.
Pharmacokinetics: Studies using tritium-labeled panthenol have shown that the compound is absorbed by the skin. No detailed studies of panthenol metabolism in the skin and mucous membranes are available.
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