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Drug Interactions
There are spontaneous and literature case reports of respiratory depression and/or sedation associated with gabapentin and opioid use. In some of these reports, the authors considered this a particular concern with the combination of gabapentin and opioids, especially in elderly patients.
Morphine: In a study involving healthy volunteers (N=12), when a 60-mg controlled-release morphine capsule was administered 2 hours prior to a 600-mg gabapentin capsule, mean gabapentin AUC increased by 44% compared to gabapentin administered without morphine. This was associated with an increased pain threshold (cold pressor test). The clinical significance of such changes has not been defined. Morphine pharmacokinetic parameter values were not affected by administration of gabapentin 2 hours after morphine. The observed opioid-mediated side effects associated with morphine plus gabapentin did not differ significantly from morphine plus placebo. The magnitude of interaction at other doses is not known (see General under Precautions).
No interaction between gabapentin and phenobarbital, phenytoin, valproic acid, or carbamazepine has been observed. Gabapentin steady-state pharmacokinetics are similar for healthy subjects and patients with epilepsy receiving these antiepileptic agents.
Co-administration of gabapentin with oral contraceptives containing norethindrone and/or ethinyl estradiol does not influence the steady-state pharmacokinetics of either component.
Co-administration of gabapentin with antacids containing aluminum and magnesium reduces gabapentin bioavailability by about 20%. It is recommended that gabapentin be taken about 2 hours following antacid administration.
Renal excretion of gabapentin is unaltered by probenecid.
A slight decrease in renal excretion of gabapentin that is observed when it is co-administered with cimetidine is not expected to be of clinical importance.
Laboratory tests: False-positive readings were reported with the Ames N-Multistix SG dipstick test when gabapentin was added to other anticonvulsant drugs. To determine urinary protein, the more specific sulfosalicylic acid precipitation procedure is recommended.
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