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Caution For Usage
Instructions for Use and Handling: Containers should be shaken before use. Any portion of the contents remaining after use should be discarded.
Asepsis for PROFOL 1% and infusion equipment must be maintained (see Additional Precautions under Precautions).
Incompatibilities: PROFOL 1% should not be mixed prior to administration with injections or infusion fluids other than with 5% Dextrose in glass infusion bottles or Lignocaine Injection. PROFOL 1% should not be coadministered through the same I.V. catheter with blood or plasma; although the clinical significance is not known. In vitro studies have shown that the globular component of the emulsion vehicle has formed aggregates when in contact with human plasma.
Stability: PROFOL 1% injection contains no antimicrobial preservatives, and the vehicle is capable of supporting the rapid growth of micro-organisms; particulate or bacterial contamination may be difficult to detect because PROFOL 1% is opaque, therefore, strict aseptic technique must be maintained. PROFOL 1% should be drawn into sterile syringes or connected to a volumetric infusion device immediately after the container is opened, and administered promptly. Unused portions of the injection as well as reservoirs, I.V. lines, or solutions containing PROFOL 1% must be discarded at the end of the procedure or within 6 hours, whichever occurs sooner. PROFOL 1% should not be used if there is evidence of separation of the emulsion phases.
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