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Caution For Usage
The contents of PULMICORT RESPULES are for inhalation via a nebuliser, and should not be swallowed or injected.
Use only as directed by the physician. Avoid getting the aerosol in the eyes (it is suggested that patient should use eye goggles).
Wash the face and rinse the mouth out with water after administration of each dose of PULMICORT.
Do not exceed the prescribed dose.
PULMICORT may be nebulised in combination with Bricanyl, Ventolin, Intal, Atrovent or normal saline.
PULMICORT should be added to the nebuliser immediately before use.
Medications for nebulisation should not be mixed in advance.
WARNING: Unused, unopened 'RESPULES' should be discarded 3 months after opening of the foil pack.
During storage 'PULMICORT RESPULES' should be protected from light by keeping them in the foil envelope.
Instructions for the use of PULMICORT RESPULES:
Prepare the nebuliser for filling.
Detach one Pulmicort Respule from the rack by twisting it firmly.
Shake the Respule.
Twist the top off the Respule.
Squeeze the contents into the reservoir of the nebuliser.
Do not dilute the contents unless instructed to do so by the physician.
In some cases, it may be necessary to use only a part of the Respule content to obtain the prescribed dose.
The physician or pharmacist will advise the patient accordingly.
Use the nebuliser as directed, ensuring that the contents of the reservoir are completely used up.
After use, clean the nebuliser in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Also remember to wash the face and rinse the mouth out with water.
After each nebulisation, the mouthpiece or facemask should be rinsed in warm water and dried.
For all solutions used in a nebuliser, it is very important that the mist (aerosol) produced is the right size and strength to work correctly in the lungs.
With PULMICORT RESPULES, this can best be achieved by using a compressed air jet nebuliser which gives an output of at least 6 to 8 litres per minute.
A jet nebuliser creates the aerosol mist for the patient to inhale by using air pumped via an electric compressor or compressed oxygen from a tank.
Please check the instruction manual, or with the manufacturer of the nebuliser to ensure the nebuliser fulfils these requirements.
Please note that it is not recommended that the ultrasonic nebuliser is used with PULMICORT RESPULES.
An ultrasonic nebuliser creates a high frequency signal to produce vibrations in the liquid and to provide a fog of small droplets which can be inhaled. Use of this type of nebuliser may cause the treatment with PULMICORT RESPULES to be ineffective.
Opened single-dose units should be used within 12 hours.
Sterile single-dose units in a opened envelope should be used within 3 months.
Always keep unopened units in the foil envelope in order to protect from light.
Please also follow the other instructions in this pack.
For further information, please contact the physician, pharmacist.
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