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Human experience of acute overdose with Reyataz is limited. Single doses up to 1200 mg have been taken by healthy volunteers without symptomatic untoward effects. A single self-administered overdose of Reyataz 29.2 g  in an HIV-infected patient (73 times the 400-mg recommended dose) was associated with asymptomatic bifascicular block and PR interval prolongation. These events resolved spontaneously. At high doses that lead to high drug exposures, jaundice, predominantly due to indirect (unconjugated) hyperbilirubinemia (without associated liver function test changes) or PR interval prolongation may be observed.
Treatment of overdosage with Reyataz should consist of general supportive measures, including monitoring of vital signs and electrocardiogram, and observations of the patient's clinical status. If indicated, elimination of unabsorbed atazanavir should be achieved by emesis or gastric lavage. Administration of activated charcoal may also be used to aid removal of unabsorbed drug. There is no specific antidote for overdose with Reyataz. Since atazanavir is extensively metabolized by the liver and is highly protein-bound, dialysis is unlikely to be beneficial in significant removal of Reyataz.
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