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Nervous System Effects: Adverse neuropsychiatric effects reported during levetiracetam treatment are classified into 3 categories: somnolence and fatigue, coordination difficulties, and behavioral abnormalities.
Somnolence, asthenia and coordination difficulties occurred most frequently within 4 weeks of treatment. Psychotic manifestations and hallucinations were reported rarely in patients receiving levetiracetam in clinical studies. Other behavioral symptoms (eg., agitation, hostility, anxiety, apathy, emotional liability, depersonalization, depression, aggression, anger, irritability) accorded in 13.3% of levetiracetam-treated patients in clinical studies compared with 6.2% of placebo patients, and 1.7% of levetiracetam-treated patients discontinued treatment because of these events.
Suicidality Risk: US FDA has altered healthcare professional about an increased risk of suicidality (Suicidal behavior or ideation in an analysis of studies using various anticonvulsants, including levetiracetam, compared with placebo.
Discontinuance of Levetiracetam: Because of the possibility of increased seizure frequency, anticonvulsant drugs, including levetiracetam, should not be discontinued suddenly. Oral levetiracetam should be withdrawn gradually by reducing the dosage by 1 g daily at 2-week intervals.
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