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Side Effects
Like all medicines, Zenalb 20 can cause side effects, though not everybody gets them.
The following side effects may occur infrequently and are usually mild: Feeling sick; flushing; feeling feverish; itchy, raised bumps on the skin; shaking of the body (rigors;) high blood pressure (hypertension); low blood pressure (hypotension); feeling cold; increased heart rate (tachycardia); tremor; shortness of breath; chest tightness; wheezing; noisy breathing from throat (stridor); dizziness.
If the patient feel unwell, the patient must tell the physician immediately.
Some people may have an allergic reaction ranging from a mild skin rash to more serious cases of shock (when the patient's blood pressure falls dangerously low).
Symptoms of this are: dizziness; sweating; cold, clammy skin.
The physician will stop the infusion and treat the allergic reaction if this happens.
If any of these side effects gets serious or if the patient notice any side effects not listed please tell the physician.
Please note: Although no patients have developed virus infections from human albumin solutions, the possibility of infection from using medicines made from human blood cannot be totally ruled out. This warning includes known, unknown and new viruses and some other germs. Several different steps have been taken to make this possibility very unlikely. These include the careful selection of donors and testing of the plasma they provide for specific types of infection.
The method used to produce the medicine from their blood plasma includes steps to kill or remove viruses such as HIV, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C.
Please remember: The expected benefits of the medicine will usually be greater than the risks of suffering any harmful side effects.
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