Thông tin thuốc gốc
Chống chỉ định
Depression; pulmonary insufficiency; sleep apnoea; preexisting CNS depression or coma; severe hepatic impairment. Porphyria. Pregnancy and lactation. Elderly and debilitated patients; young adults and children.
Thận trọng
Renal insufficiency; given to patients in pain may provoke a paradoxical excitatory reaction, unless an analgesic is given concomitantly; drowsiness may persist the next day.
Phản ứng phụ
Dependence; drowsiness, sedation, ataxia; resp depression; headache; GI disturbances; skin reactions; confusion and memory defects; paradoxical excitement, irritability; hypersensitivity reactions; haematologic disorders. Neonatal intoxication, vit K deficiency symptoms, congenital malformations (if taken during pregnancy). Nystagmus, miosis slurred speech and ataxia in excessive doses.
Tương tác
Sedation or resp depression may be enhanced by drugs with CNS depressants; MAOIs may prolong the CNS depressant effects and also reduce the convulsive threshold, thereby antagonise the anitconvulsant action of barbiturates. Others: Fenoprofen, methadone, pethidine and opioid analgesics; disopyramide, lidocaine and quinidine; chloramphenicol, doxycycline; warfarin and coumarin; antidepressants eg, bupropion, fluoxetine, lithium and mianserin; valproate and progabide; vigabatrin, oxcarbazepine, carbamazepine, clonazepam, ethosuximide, lamotrigine, tiagabine and zonisamide, griseofulvin; teniposide; metronidazole; chlorpromazine; HIV-protease inhibitors; β-blockers; calcium-channel blockers eg, nifedipine and verapamil; digitoxin; ciclosporin; corticosteroids; furosemide; montelukast; oral contraceptives; theophylline; levothyroxine; influenza vaccination and vitamins. Alcohol. St. John's wort.
Tác dụng
Description: Allobarbital has general properties similar to amobarbital. It was formerly used in combination prep for the treatment of sleep disorders and pain, but barbiturates are no longer considered appropriate for such purposes.
Phân loại MIMS
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