Thông tin cơ bản
Thành phần
Mỗi 1000 mL L- isoleucine 0.775 g, L- leucine 1.1 g, L- lysine HCl 1.25 g, L- methionine 1.05 g, L- phenylalanine 1.1 g, L- threonine 0.5 g, L- tryptophan 0.225 g, L- valine 0.75 g, L- arginine 2 g, L- histidine 0.5 g, L- alanine 3 g, L- glutamic acid 4.5 mg, L- aminoacetic acid 5 g, L- proline 3.5 mg, vit B2 2 mg, vit PP 20 mg, vit B6 15 mg, K hydroxide 0.561 g, Na hydroxide 0.42 g, NaCl 0.409 g, K acetate 0.491 g, Na acetate 1.905 g, Na glycerophosphate 3.061 g, KCl 1.118 g, CaCl2 0.368 g, Mg acetate 0.643 g.
Phân loại ATC
A16AA - Amino acids and derivatives ; Used in treatment of alimentary tract and metabolism problems.
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