Thông tin thuốc gốc
Chỉ định và Liều dùng
Ocular hypertension, Open-angle glaucoma
Adult: As 0.01% or 0.03% soln: Instill 1 drop into the affected eye(s) once daily at bedtime.

Hypotrichosis of eyelashes
Adult: As 0.03% soln: Apply 1 drop evenly to each eye along the skin of the upper eyelid at the base of eyelashes once daily at bedtime.
Thận trọng
Patient w/ active intraocular inflammation (e.g. uveitis), aphakic patient, pseudophakic patient w/ torn posterior lens capsule, risk factor for macular oedema; history of herpes simplex, or uveitis/irits. Pregnancy and lactation.
Tác dụng không mong muốn
Ocular pruritus, swelling, irritation and burning sensation; conjunctival hyperaemia, dry eye symptoms, blurred vision, periorbital erythema, increased lacrimation, madarosis, trichorrhex, skin hyperpigmentation and discolouration, growth and darkening of eyelashes, hypersensitivity, rash (including macular, erythematous, and pruritic limited to eyelids and periorbital region); eyelid oedema, irritation and pruritus; periorbital and lid changes resulting in deepening of eyelid sulcus; headache, HTN, abnormal LFT.
Thông tin tư vấn bệnh nhân
Remove contact lenses prior to admin and reinsert after 15 min. May cause discolouration of soft contact lenses.
Chỉ số theo dõi
Monitor intraocular pressure.
Tương tác
May increase intraocular pressure w/ latanoprost. May reduce therapeutic effect w/ NSAIDs.
Tác dụng
Description: Bimatoprost, a synthetic prostamide analogue, reduces intraocular pressure by increasing the outflow of aqueous humour. It also increases the percent and duration of hair in the growth phase.
Absorption: Absorbed through the cornea and sclera. Time to peak plasma concentration: W/in 10 min.
Distribution: Moderately distributed into body tissues. Volume of distribution: 0.67 L/kg. Plasma protein binding: Approx 88%.
Metabolism: Undergoes oxidation, N-deethylation and glucuronidation to form various metabolites.
Excretion: Via urine (up to 76%); faeces (25%). Elimination half-life: Approx 45 min.
Đặc tính

Chemical Structure Image

Source: National Center for Biotechnology Information. PubChem Database. Bimatoprost, CID=5311027, (accessed on Jan. 21, 2020)

Bảo quản
Store between 2-25°C.
Phân loại MIMS
Thuốc trị tăng nhãn áp / Các thuốc nhãn khoa khác
Phân loại ATC
S01EE03 - bimatoprost ; Belongs to the class of prostaglandin analogues. Used in the treatment of glaucoma and hypotrichosis of the eyelashes.
Tài liệu tham khảo
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