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Dosage/Direction for Use
Up to 5 mL by IM administration; for administration of >5 mL, an IV or infusion is advisable. Cerebrolysin should be injected IV slowly to avoid feeling of heat. Cerebrolysin can also be given diluted in standard IV solution (eg, physiological saline solution, Ringer's lactate solution, glucose 5%, dextran 40) infused slowly over approximately 20-60 min, determined by solution volume. It is preferable to infuse the diluted solution through a butterfly needle.
Once-daily application of Cerebrolysin over a total of 10-20 days, usually a treatment period of 3-4 weeks is recommended.
Generally, daily dose recommendations are: Disturbance of Concentration and Memory, Degenerative Dementia or Vascular Dementia: 5-20 mL.
Post-Apoplectic and Stroke: 10-30 mL.
Brain Injuries: 10-30 mL.
Children: 1-2 mL or 0.1-0.3 mL/kg body weight.
Therapy courses can be repeated several times in accordance with the clinical picture of the patient. Intervals of the courses should be from 4-6 months. In severe cases, it is advisable not to interrupt treatment abruptly but with 1 injection every 2-3 days/week for a period of 2-4 weeks.
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