Mifestad 10

Mifestad 10 Thận trọng


Nhà sản xuất:

Stellapharm J.V.

Nhà phân phối:

Khuong Duy
Thông tin kê toa chi tiết tiếng Anh
Special Precautions
In the absence of specific studies, mifepristone is not recommended in patients with: Renal failure, hepatic failure and malnutrition.
Bleeding: The patient must be informed of the occurrence of prolonged vaginal bleeding (an average of about 12 days or more after Mifestad intake) which may be heavy. Bleeding occurs in almost all cases and is not in any way a proof of complete expulsion.
Infection: Very rare cases of fatal or serious toxic shock caused by pathogens like Clostridium sordellii endometritis, Escherichia coli, presenting with or without fever or other obvious symptoms of infection, have been reported after medical abortion with the use of mifepristone.
Emergency contraception should be used temporarily, only in case of emergency; and should not replace regular contraception. Women who present for repeated courses of emergency contraception should be advised to consider a long-term method of contraception.
Emergency contraception could not have the desired effect in all cases. If the unprotected sexual intercourse time was not determined or the woman has had an unprotected sexual intercourse over 120 hours in one period, pregnancy may occur. So, treatment with mifepristone 10 mg after the second sexual intercourse may be ineffective. If the period is later than 5 days, unusual haemorrhage on the day of the period is expected, or pregnancy is suspected due to any other causes, patients have to determine that pregnancy does not occur.
Unprotected intercourse after treatment can increase the risk of an unwanted pregnancy.
Should not repeat treatment in one period because of the risk of menstruation disorder.
Should be used with care in patients with less severe asthma or with chronic obstructive airways diseases, haemorrhagic or cardiovascular disease or associated risk factors, or anaemia.
Should be used with care in patients receiving long-term corticosteroid treatment; a corticosteroid may need to be given if acute adrenal suppression is suspected.
Care is also required in patients receiving anticoagulants because of the increased risk of severe bleeding.
Mifestad 10 contains lactose. Patients with rare hereditary problems of galactose intolerance, the Lapp lactase deficiency or glucose-galactose malabsorption should not take this medicinal product.
Effects on ability to drive and use machines: Adverse drug reactions such as headache, dizziness and hypotension may occur. If affected, patients should not drive or operate machines.
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