Generic Medicine Info
Indications and Dosage
Adult: As extended-release cap: 20-50 mg once daily after breakfast for up to 4 wk.
Patients treated with MAOI or stopped MAOI within the last 2 wk; moderate or severe hypertension; pulmonary hypertension; structural cardiac abnormalities or advanced arteriosclerosis; adrenal tumour; hyperthyroidism or hyperexcitability; coronary thrombosis; closed-angle glaucoma; pregnancy.
Special Precautions
Heart disease, mild hypertension, CHF or angina of effort; prostate hyperplasia; patients with history of drug or alcohol abuse; DM; psychotic patients; renal disease. Growth retardation may occur in children.
Adverse Reactions
Headache, tachycardia, precordial pain, giddiness, restlessness or insomnia; dry mouth and thrist, nausea, vomiting, sweating; difficulty in micturition; muscular weakness and tremors; tolerance and /or dependence may occur.
Patient may present with delusions, paranoid psychosis, hallucinations, hyperpyrexia, chest pain, cardiac arrhythmias, respiratory depression or circulatory collapse. Mortality may occur. Treatment: Supportive and symptomatic therapy. In severe toxicity, the stomach should be emptied by aspiration and lavage.
Drug Interactions
Reduced effect of guanethidine. Increased risk of arrhythmia in patients treated with digitalis due to its sympathomimetic effects. Increased risk of arrhythmia with choroform, cyclopropane, halothane or other halogenated anesthetics. The effect of cathine may be reduced/enhanced by tricyclic anti-depressants.
Potentially Fatal: Cathine should not be used in patients treated with a MAOI or within 14 days of stopping MAOI as hypertensive crisis may occur if used.
Mechanism of Action: Cathine is a sympathomimetic agent and it is used as a anorectic in the treatment of obesity. Its use may be restricted in certain sports.
Store below 25°C.
MIMS Class
Anti-Obesity Agents
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