DCH Auriga - Universal
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Concise Prescribing Info
Initiation of cervical ripening in patients, at term (from 37 completed wk of gestation).
Dosage/Direction for Use
Insert 1 pessary high into the posterior vag fornix. Patient should be recumbent for 20-30 min after insertion. If there has been insufficient cervical ripening in 24 hr, the pessary should be removed.
Hypersensitivity. Start of labour. Administration of oxytocic drugs &/or other labour induction agents. Patient w/ previous major uterine surgery eg, caesarean section, myomectomy; cephalopelvic disproportion; fetal malpresentation; fetal distress; previous major surgery or rupture of cervix. Current pelvic inflammatory disease; placenta previa or unexplained vaginal bleeding during current pregnancy.
Special Precautions
Monitor uterine activity & fetal condition regularly. Patients w/ ruptured membranes; history of uterine hypertonus, glaucoma, asthma. NSAIDs should be stopped before admin. Prolonged or excessive contractions; lung, liver or renal disease. Women ≥35 yr; gestational DM; arterial HTN; hypothyroidism; gestation age >40 wk; multiple pregnancy. Early phase of pregnancy. >3 full term deliveries. Lactation. 2nd dose is not recommended.
Adverse Reactions
Common: Foetal heart rate disorder; abnormal labour affecting foetus, uterine contractions abnormal, meconium in amniotic fluid. Uncommon: Headache; hypotension; neonatal resp distress related conditions; neonatal hyperbilirubinaemia; pruritus; postpartum haemorrhage, premature separation of placenta, Apgar score low, arrested labour, chorioamnionitis, uterine atony; vulvovaginal burning sensation; febrile disorders.
Drug Interactions
Prostaglandins potentiate the uterotonic effect of oxytocic drugs.
ATC Classification
G02AD02 - dinoprostone ; Belongs to the class of prostaglandins. Used to induce abortion or augment labour and to minimize blood loss from the placental site.
Propess vag pessaries 10 mg
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