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Concise Prescribing Info
Per mL Synthetic oxytocin 5 IU, ergometrine maleate 0.5 mg
Dosage/Direction for Use
Active management of the 3rd stage of labor 1 mL IM following delivery of the anterior shoulder or immediately after delivery of the child. Prevention & treatment of postpartum haemorrhage Following expulsion of the placenta, 1 mL IM or when bleeding occurs. Max: 3 mL/24 hr.
Severe HTN, pre-eclampsia, eclampsia; severe disorders of cardiac, hepatic, or renal function; occlusive vascular disease; sepsis. Pregnancy & labor (induction, 1st & 2nd stage of labour prior to delivery of the anterior shoulder).
Special Precautions
HTN, cardiac, hepatic or renal diseases. Syntometrine should not be given before delivery of child is completed & in multiple birth not before the last child has been delivered. See full product info.
Adverse Reactions
Nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain; headache, dizziness, rash, hypertension, bradycardia, cardiac arrhythmias, chest pain, anaphylactoid reactions.
Drug Interactions
Vasoconstrictors, prostaglandins, halothane anesth.
ATC Classification
G02AC - Ergot alkaloids and oxytocin incl. analogues, in combination ; Used to induce abortion or augment labour and to minimize blood loss from the placental site.
Syntometrine inj
1 mL x 100 × 1's
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