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Concise Prescribing Info
Methylprednisolone acetate
Adjuvant of maintenance therapy & short-term administration in psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis. Post-traumatic OA, synovitis of OA, RA eg, juvenile RA, acute & subacute bursitis, epicondylitis, acute nonspecific tenosynovitis, acute gouty arthritis. Maintenance therapy in SLE, systemic dermatomyositis, acute rheumatic carditis. Pemphigus, severe erythema multiforme, exfoliative dermatitis, mycosis fungoides, bullous dermatitis herpetiformis. Chronic asthmatic resp disorders, contact & atopic dermatitis, serum sickness, seasonal or perennial allergic rhinitis, drug hypersensitivity & urticarial transfusion reactions, acute noninfectious laryngeal edema. Severe acute & chronic allergic & inflammatory eye processes. GI diseases, edematous states, resp diseases, hematologic & endocrine disorders. Palliative management of oncological diseases. Keloids, lichen planus, psoriatic plaques, granuloma annulare & lichen simplex chronicus, alopecia areata; cystic tumors or ganglia; ulcerative colitis.
Dosage/Direction for Use
IM Adrenogenital syndrome 40 mg every 2 wk. Maintenance of patient w/ RA 40-120 mg wkly. Patient w/ dermatologic lesions benefited by systemic corticoid therapy 40-120 mg at 1-4 wk intervals. Acute severe dermatitis due to poison ivy, asthma & allergic rhinitis 80-120 mg. Chronic contact dermatitis 80-120 mg at 5-10 days interval. Seborrheic dermatitis 80 mg wkly. In situ RA & OA Large joint: 20-80 mg. Medium joint: 10-40 mg. Small joint: 4-10 mg. Ganglion, tendinitis, epicondylitis 4-30 mg. Dermatologic conditions 20-60 mg inj into the lesion. Intrarectal Ulcerative colitis 40-120 mg as retention enema or by continuous drip 3-7 times wkly for ≥2 wk.
Hypersensitivity. Systemic fungal infection. Diabetics, hypertensive patients. psychiatric antecedents, TB, herpes & zona associated w/ ocular symptoms. Childn.
Special Precautions
Not to be used IA, intrabursally or intratendinously. Anaphylactic reactions. Perform laboratory studies eg, urinalysis, 2-hr postprandial blood sugar, BP & body wt determination & chest X-ray at regular intervals during prolonged therapy. Unusual stress, active or latent TB & peptic ulcer, non-specific ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis, fresh intestinal anastomoses, HTN, osteoporosis, myasthenia gravis. May mask signs of infection. Avoid local inj to previously infected joint. Not be inj into unstable joints. Avoid abrupt discontinuation. May affect ability to drive & operate machinery. Renal insufficiency. Women of childbearing potential. Pregnancy & lactation. Infants, growth suppression in childn.
Adverse Reactions
Fluid & electrolyte disturbances; musculoskeletal, GI, dermatologic, neurological, endocrine, ophth, metabolic, immune system reactions.
Drug Interactions
Increased renal clearance of salicylates. Inhibited metabolism by troleandomycin & ketoconazole. Enhanced metabolism & reduced effect w/ barbiturates, phenylbutazone, phenytoin or rifampicin. Reduced & increased response to anticoagulants. Increased risk of glucose intolerance w/ thiazide diuretics. Increased risk of GI ulceration w/ NSAIDs. Convulsions w/ cyclosporin.
ATC Classification
H02AB04 - methylprednisolone ; Belongs to the class of glucocorticoids. Used in systemic corticosteroid preparations.
Depo-Medrol inj 200 mg/5 mL
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