brinzolamide + timolol


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Concise Prescribing Info
Per mL Brinzolamide 10 mg, timolol maleate 5 mg
Decrease IOP in adult w/ open-angle glaucoma or ocular HTN for whom monotherapy provides insufficient IOP reduction.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Instill 1 drop in the conjunctival sac of the affected eye(s) bid. If >1 ophth agent is being used, administer 5 min apart.
Hypersensitivity to brinzolamide, timolol maleate or to sulphonamides. Reactive airway disease including bronchial asthma or history of bronchial asthma or severe COPD. Sinus bradycardia, sick sinus syndrome, sino-atrial block, 2nd or 3rd degree AV block, overt cardiac failure or cardiogenic shock. Hyperchloremic acidosis. Severe renal impairment.
Special Precautions
Risk of metabolic acidosis in patients w/ renal impairment. Monitor patients w/ compromised corneas (eg, patients w/ DM or corneal dystrophies). History of CV disease (eg, CHD, Prinzmetal's angina & cardiac failure) & hypotension. Severe peripheral circulatory disturbance/disorders (eg, Raynaud's disease or syndrome); bronchospasm in patients w/ asthma; subject to spontaneous hypoglycaemia or w/ labile diabetes; may mask signs of hyperthyroidism; potentiate muscle weakness. Concomitant use w/ other β-blocking agents & oral carbonic anhydrase inhibitor. History of atopy or severe anaphylactic reaction to a variety of allergens. Choroidal detachment. May block systemic β-agonist effects eg, adrenaline. Pseudoexfoliative glaucoma or pigmentary glaucoma. Close monitoring of IOP. Not recommended in patients w/ narrow-angle glaucoma. Benzalkonium Cl content may cause punctuate keratopathy &/or toxic ulcerative keratopathy. May cause irritation & discolor soft contact lenses. Avoid contact w/ soft contact lenses. May impair ability to drive or operate machinery. Pregnancy & lactation. Childn <18 yr.
Adverse Reactions
Dysgeusia; blurred vision, eye pain & irritation.
Drug Interactions
Acid-base disturbances w/ oral carbonic anhydrase inhibitors. May inhibit metabolism w/ CYP3A4 inhibitors eg, ketoconazole, itraconazole, clotrimazole, ritonavir & troleandomycin. Potential additive effect on the known systemic effects w/ carbonic anhydrase inhibitor. Risk of hypotension &/or marked bradycardia w/ oral Ca channel blockers, guanethidine or β-adrenergic blocking agents, antiarrhythmics (including amiodarone), digitalis glycosides or parasympathomimetics. May potentiate hypertensive reaction to sudden w/drawal of clonidine. May potentiate systemic β-blockade effect w/ CYP2D6 inhibitors eg, quinidine, cimetidine, fluoxetine, paroxetine & timolol. May increase hypoglycemic effect of antidiabetic agents. Concomitant use w/ adrenaline may result to mydriasis.
ATC Classification
S01ED51 - timolol, combinations ; Belongs to the class of beta blocking agents. Used in the treatment of glaucoma.
Azarga ophth susp
5 mL x 1's (P1,221/container)
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