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Concise Prescribing Info
Acetylsalicylic acid
Prevention of MI in patients w/ unstable angina, myocardial re-infarction, thromboembolic accidents following vascular surgery or other surgical procedures; acute MI; secondary prevention of transient ischemic attacks & thrombotic CVA.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Should be taken with food.
Hypersensitivity to acetylsalicylic acid & other salicylates. History of GI bleeding or perforations, related to previous NSAID therapy; peptic ulcer or history of recurrent peptic ulcer/bleeding. Pregnancy & lactation. Childn & adolescent <16 yr.
Special Precautions
Risk of serious GI adverse events ie, bleeding, ulceration & perforation of the stomach or intestines. Hypersensitivity to other NSAIDs; concomitant treatment w/ other antiplatelet &/or anticoagulant; G6PD deficiency; history of hypoprothrombinaemia; vit K deficiency; severe hepatic disease; chronic alcoholism; severe renal disease; history of GI disease; uncontrolled HTN; proliferative diabetic retinopathy; bronchial asthma, COPD, hay fever & nasal polyps; prolonged periods w/o clinical monitoring. Renal papillary necrosis & other renal injury in long-term administration. Not recommended in patients w/ advanced renal disease. Pregnancy & lactation. Elderly.
Adverse Reactions
Abdominal pain, peptic ulcer, GI bleeding or perforations, hematemesis, melaena, dyspepsia, vomiting, nausea.
Drug Interactions
Increased risk of GI bleeding w/ warfarin, SSRIs. Increased risk of GI bleeding or ulceration w/ steroids, corticosteroids, anti-inflammatory agents. Increased plasma conc of digoxin. Decreased effect of uricosuric agents & α-interferon. Interaction w/ sulphonylureas, probenecid, methotrexate, cyclosporin, tacrolimus, valproic acid, insulin, phenytoin, triiodothyronine, barbiturates & lithium, diuretics. Do not administer simultaneously w/ live flu virus vaccines. Possible case of Reye's syndrome w/ varicella virus vaccine.
MIMS Class
Anticoagulants, Antiplatelets & Fibrinolytics (Thrombolytics)
ATC Classification
B01AC06 - acetylsalicylic acid ; Belongs to the class of platelet aggregation inhibitors excluding heparin. Used in the treatment of thrombosis.
ASP tab 100 mg
6 × 10's
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