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Fluorescein sodium.
A disposable Whatman filter paper No 1 round blunt tip (impregnated with Fluorescein Sodium dye-1.0mg) sandwiched between a sticker paper stick (overall length 60mm). Each strip is packed individually in pouches before sterilization.
A disposable sterile ophthalmic diagnostic strip is used for evaluating contact lens fitting.
Dosage/Direction for Use
DIRECTION FOR USE: Moisten Fluorescein Sodium impregnated strip with sterile water or sterile ophthalmic solution.
Tear fluid from the lower fornix may be used.
While the patient looks up, touch conjunctiva or fornix with moistened tip. For optimal results, the patient should blink several times after application.
Not Known.
Madhu Instruments Pvt. Ltd does not hold any responsibility if the device is reused. Reusing the device may cause serious problems to patients are as under: The used strip might not have adequate amount of Fluorescein Sodium Dye left to stain the cornea properly and may not comply with the claim.
The filter paper tip gets deformed after wetting. The used strip might not be in a position to be used again due to this deformed shape.
Re use of device may lead to microbial contamination due to presence of Pseudomonas.
Contagious and communicable disease such as HIV, Hepatitis, contagious diseases/communicable disease/undue diseases etc.
This device is indented for the use of contact lens fitting (Hard and GP Lens) use only. Manufacturer does not hold any responsibility or claim of the device if used for any other purpose in ophthalmic procedure.
Only qualified medical practitioner should use the device.
Sterility is guaranteed only when the packing is neither opened nor damaged.
Do not re-sterilize the device by any method. Madhu Instruments Pvt Ltd assumes no liability for devices that have been re-sterilized.
Do not reuse the device.
Read instruction before use.
Not to be used with soft contact lenses.
Special Precautions
When handling the Fluorescein Sodium ophthalmic strips care should be taken to avoid damage from handling. Avoid crushing and crimping damage to the strip due to application of surgical instruments such as forceps etc.
Caution For Usage
Do not use the device if the sterilized package is open or damaged.
The used strip and pouch should be disposed off in compliance with the local regulatory requirements.
Store at specified temperature and humidity (Temperature in between 5°C to 55°C and Humidity in between 55RH to 75RH).
Do not use the device after sterility expiry date.
Keep away from sun light.
MIMS Class
Other Eye Preparations
ATC Classification
S01JA01 - fluorescein ; Belongs to the class of colouring agents used as ophthalmologic diagnostic agents.
Ophth strip 1 mg x 100's.
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