Concise Prescribing Info
Methyldopa sesquihydrate
HTN; drug of choice during pregnancy.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Adult Initially 250 mg bid-tid, increased gradually at intervals of ≥2 days. Max dose: 3 g daily. Maintenance dose: 500 mg to 2 g daily. Elderly Initially125 mg bid. Max dose: 2 g daily.
May be taken with or without food.
Special Precautions
Patients w/ impaired renal or hepatic function or history of hemolytic anemia, active liver disease or depression. Not recommended for phaechromocytoma. May produce +ve direct Coombs' test. May cause sedation affecting ability to drive or operate machinery.
Adverse Reactions
Drowsiness, dizziness & lightheadedness associated w/ postural hypotension. Fluid retention & edema. Mental neurological effects eg, impaired conc & memory, mild psychosis, depression, disturbed sleep & nightmares, paresthesias, Bell's palsy, involuntary choreoathetopic movements & parkinsonism. GI disturbances eg, nausea & vomiting, diarrhea, constipation; black/sore tongue, inflammation of salivary glands, dry mouth. Hypersensitivity effects eg, myocarditis, fever, eosinophilia, liver function disturbances. Rashes, lichenoid, granulomatous eruptions, toxic epidermal necrolysis, flu-like syndrome, nocturia, uraemia, nasal congestion, retroperitoneal fibrosis.
Drug Interactions
Hypotension effects may be potentiated by diuretics, other antihypertensives & drugs w/ hypertensive effects. Paradoxical antagonism of hypotensive effects by TCAs, antipsychotics, β-blockers; sympathomimetics. Concomitant use w/ MAOIs & general anesth. May inihbit metabolism w/ entacapone.
MIMS Class
Other Antihypertensives
ATC Classification
C02AB01 - methyldopa (levorotatory) ; Belongs to the class of methyldopa, centrally-acting antiadrenergic agents. Used in the treatment of hypertension.
Dopamet film-coated tab 250 mg
40's (P487.5/pack);80's
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