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Concise Prescribing Info
Erythropoietin α
Anaemia associated w/ chronic renal failure in adult & childn 1-18 yr on haemodialysis & adult on peritoneal dialysis. Treatment of severe anaemia of renal origin in adult w/ renal insufficiency not yet undergoing dialysis. Treatment of anaemia & reduction of transfusion requirements in adults receiving chemotherapy for solid tumours, malignant lymphoma or multiple myeloma & at risk of transfusion. Adults in a predonation programme to increase the yield of autologous blood. Non-Fe deficient adults prior to major elective orthopaedic surgery having a high perceived risk for transfusion complications to reduce exposure to allogeneic blood transfusions.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Adult Haemodialysis Correction phase: Initially 50 IU/kg by IV route, 3 times/wk, increase or decrease by 25 IU/kg (3 times/wk) if necessary until the desired Hb conc is achieved. Maintenance phase: 75 IU/kg & 300 IU/kg wkly. Patient w/ renal insufficiency not yet undergoing dialysis Correction phase: Initially 50 IU/kg 3 times/wk, increased w/ 25 IU/kg increments (3 times/wk). Maintenance phase: Can be administered 3 times/wk or once wkly or once every 2 wk if SC. Max: 150 IU/kg 3 times/wk, 240 IU/kg (up to 20,000 IU) once wkly or 480 IU/kg (up to max 40,000 IU) once every 2 wk. Peritoneal dialysis Correction phase: Initially 50 IU/kg 2 times/wk. Maintenance phase: 25 IU/kg & 50 IU/kg 2 times/wk in 2 equal inj. Patient w/ chemotherapy-induced anaemia Initially 150 IU/kg SC 3 times/wk, alternatively, 450 IU/kg SC once wkly. Patient in autologous predonation programme 600 IU/kg IV 2 times/wk for 3 wk prior to surgery. Patient scheduled for major elective surgery 600 IU/kg SC wkly for 3 wk prior to surgery & on the day of surgery. Childn Symptomatic anaemia in chronic renal failure on haemodialysis Correction phase: Initially 50 IU/kg IV 3 times/wk, increase or decrease by 25 IU/kg (3 times/wk). Maintenance phase: Appropriate dose adjustment should be made.
Hypersensitivity. Patients who develop pure red cell aplasia; uncontrolled HTN; severe coronary, peripheral arterial, carotid or cerebral vascular disease, including patients w/ recent MI or cerebral vascular accident; surgery patients who for any reason cannot receive adequate antithrombotic prophylaxis.
Special Precautions
Closely monitor & control BP in all patients receiving epoetin α. Hypertensive crisis. Epilepsy, history of seizures or medical conditions associated w/ predisposition to seizure activity eg, CNS infections & brain metastases. Chronic liver & renal failure. Increased incidence of thrombotic vascular events. Potential increased of thromboembolic events. Monitor platelet count regularly. Evaluate & treat all other causes of anaemia prior to initiating therapy. Antibody-mediated pure red cell aplasia. Periodically measure Hb levels in cancer patients being treated w/ epoetin α. Routine vol replacement in autologous predonation programmes. Should not be used in patients w/ baseline Hb >13 g/dl. Pregnancy & lactation.
Adverse Reactions
Diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting; pyrexia. Headache, venous & arterial thromboses, HTN; cough; rash; arthralgia, bone pain, myalgia, pain in extremity; chills, flu-like illness, inj site reaction, peripheral oedema.
ATC Classification
B03XA01 - erythropoietin ; Belongs to the class of other antianemic preparations. Used in the treatment of anemia.
Epolitt soln for inj 4000 IU per 0.5 mL
0.5 mL x 10 × 1's (P9,750/box)
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