Thông tin thuốc gốc
Chỉ định và Liều dùng
Urinary retention
Adult: 10-50 mg 3-4 times daily.
Cách dùng
Should be taken on an empty stomach. Take 1 hr before or 2 hr after meals.
Chống chỉ định
Intestinal or urinary obstruction, recent MI, pronounced bradycardia or hypotension, recent intestinal anastomosis, hyperthyroidism, peptic ulcer, latent or active bronchial asthma, vasomotor instability, coronary artery disease, epilepsy, parkinsonism. Lactation.
Thận trọng
Tác dụng không mong muốn
Nausea, vomiting, sweating, intestinal colic, malaise, abdominal cramps or discomfort, belching, diarrhoea, borborygmi, salivation, urinary urgency, headache, hypotension, vasomotor response, hot flushes, sweating, lachrymation, miosis, seizure, reflux infection.
Parenteral/PO/SC: C
Thông tin tư vấn bệnh nhân
May impair ability to drive or operate machinery.
Chỉ số theo dõi
Assess bladder and sphincter adequacy prior to therapy.
Quá liều
Symptoms: Nausea, salivation, lachrymation, eructation, involuntary defecation and urination, transient dyspnoea, palpitation, bradycardia, peripheral vasodilation leading to HTN, transient heart block and feeling of constriction under sternum. Management: Perform gastric lavage and aspiration. Administer atropine sulfate 1-2 mg IV, IM or SC 2-4 hrly as necessary, to control muscarinic effects. Supportive treatment may include IV diazepam 5-10 mg; tubocurarine (w/ assisted respiration, to control muscle twitching); oxygen may be required.
Tương tác
Atropine, quinidine, procainamide, epinephrine and other sympathomimetic amines may antagonise the effect of bethanechol. Critical fall in blood pressure, usually preceded by severe abdominal symptoms, may occur when used w/ ganglionic blocking agents. Additive effects and increased toxicity w/ other cholinergic drugs or anticholinesterase agents (e.g. neostigmine).
Tác dụng
Description: Bethanechol acts primarily by stimulating parasympathetic nervous system, hence releasing acetylcholine at the nerve endings. It increases the tone of detrusor urinary muscle, producing a contraction to initiate urination. It also stimulates gastric motility, restores impaired rhythmic peristalsis and increases gastric tone.
Onset: 30-90 min.
Duration: Approx 1 hr.
Absorption: Poorly absorbed from the GI tract.
Đặc tính

Chemical Structure Image

Source: National Center for Biotechnology Information. PubChem Database. Bethanechol, CID=2370, (accessed on Jan. 21, 2020)

Bảo quản
Store between 20-25°C.
Phân loại MIMS
Các thuốc tiết niệu-sinh dục khác
Phân loại ATC
N07AB02 - bethanechol ; Belongs to the class of choline esters. Used as parasympathomimetics.
Tài liệu tham khảo
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