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Estrofem is a Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). It contains the female hormone estradiol.
Estrofem is used in postmenopausal women, particularly in women who have had their womb removed (have had a hysterectomy) and therefore do not require combined oestrogen/progestagen therapy.
Estrofem is used for: Relief of symptoms occurring after menopause: During the menopause, the amount of oestrogen produced by a woman's body drops. This can cause symptoms such as hot face, neck and chest ('hot flushes'). Estrofem alleviates these symptoms after menopause. Estrofem should only be prescribed if the symptoms seriously hinder the patient's daily life.
Prevention of osteoporosis: (thinning of the bones), if the patient is at high risk of future fracture and if unable to take other medications for this purpose.
There is only limited experience of treating women older than 65 years.
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