GamaSTAN Indications/Uses

human normal immunoglobulin




Luen Cheong Hong
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GAMASTAN is a human immune globulin indicated for: Hepatitis A: GAMASTAN is indicated for prophylaxis following exposure to hepatitis A. The prophylactic value of GAMASTAN is greatest when given before or soon after exposure to hepatitis A. GAMASTAN is not indicated in persons with clinical manifestations of hepatitis A or in those exposed more than 2 weeks previously.
Measles (Rubeola): GAMASTAN is indicated to prevent or modify measles in a susceptible person exposed fewer than 6 days previously. A susceptible person is one who has not been vaccinated and has not had measles previously.
GAMASTAN may be especially indicated for susceptible household contacts of measles patients, particularly contacts under 1 year of age, for whom the risk of complications is highest.
GAMASTAN is also indicated for pregnant women without evidence of immunity.
Do not give GAMASTAN and measles vaccine at the same time. If a child is older than 12 months and has received GAMASTAN, give measles vaccine about five months later when the measles antibody titer will have disappeared. (See Interactions.)
If a susceptible child exposed to measles is immunocompromised, give GAMASTAN immediately.
Varicella: GAMASTAN is indicated to modify varicella.
Passive immunization against varicella in immunosuppressed patients is best accomplished by use of Varicella Zoster Immune Globulin (Human). If unavailable, GAMASTAN, promptly given, may also modify varicella.
Rubella: GAMASTAN is indicated to modify rubella in exposed women who will not consider a therapeutic abortion.
Some studies suggest that the use of GAMASTAN in exposed, susceptible women can lessen the likelihood of infection and fetal damage; therefore, GAMASTAN may benefit those women who will not consider a therapeutic abortion.
Do not give GAMASTAN for routine prophylaxis of rubella in early pregnancy to an unexposed woman.
Limitations of Use: GAMASTAN is not standardized with respect to antibody titers against hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) and must not be used for prophylaxis of viral hepatitis type B. Prophylactic treatment to prevent hepatitis B can best be accomplished with use of Hepatitis B Immune Globulin (Human), often in combination with Hepatitis B Vaccine.
GAMASTAN is not indicated for routine prophylaxis or treatment of rubella, poliomyelitis, mumps, or varicella.
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