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tegafur + uracil


TTY Biopharm


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Each capsule contains 100 mg of tegafur and 224 mg of uracil.
UFUR contains tegafur and uracil in a molar ration of 1:4, and is an antimalignant tumor agent with antimetabolic effect.
Tegafur is an antitumor agent synthesized in 1966 by Dr. Hiller, S.A. et al. It is gradually converted to 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) in vivo to show it's efficacy, and is a prodrug of 5-FU. Conversely, uracil is a compound of nucleic acids and shows hardly any pharmacological and toxic effects when singly administered.
It was confirmed in basic studies that tegafur and uracil in a molar ration of 1:4 suppressed the catabolism of 5-FU (a metabolite of tegafur), increased selectively the levels of active antitumor compounds in tumors, thereby enhancing its effects. In clinical trials the product was confirmed to have an optimal combination ratio, with long lasting characteristics and a high concentration of 5-FU levels in tumor. It shows efficacy as an antitumor agents in the treatment of the following cancers: gastric cancer, colorectal cancer and breast cancer.
White to off-white "No.2" capsule, imprinted with red 'UFUR' on both body and cap, filled with white to pale yellow granules or fine powder.
Physicochemical properties of the active ingredients (see Table 1).

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